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Valley Fruit Boxes are a Christmas Tradition

While Pittman and Davis’ famous grapefruit has deep roots in the Rio Grande Valley, it’s the ability to adapt that has kept them in business for 86 years. “We have to keep developing new gifts. And every new gift is something else everyone has to learn,” said Andy Graham, Vice President and General Manager of Pittman & Davis. This year, they have more than 30 new gifts. To survive in…

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Retaining Employees: Perks Versus Pay

Susan LeMiles

Face the truth, or suffer the consequences. Approximately 50 percent of your employees will look for a different job this year. This is the experience of professional recruiters, the fear of HR managers and the plan of workers I personally canvassed. If current economic realities don’t allow them to find a new job immediately, they will eventually; and the risk to companies of losing key personnel is definitely very real.…

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