New Year — New Beginnings


New Year — New Beginnings

After enjoying time with family over the holiday break, our minds are refreshed and our bodies are rejuvenated. A newness of attitude gives us a fresh start for 2022. Positivity is in the air!

One thing for certain is the Rio Grande Valley knows how to work. The combination of ethnicities and cultural diversities come together with chemistry, synergy and practicality. Ideas comes to the table and solutions are discovered. Deep South Texas is a beautiful place in my opinion because of the people. We come together for the common good.

Hard-working people who care about the communities we serve is the Valley’s DNA. When hearts and heads come together to prosper the region while enriching the quality of life for residents, the outcome is magnificent. The strengthening of the local economy is proof our four counties are experiencing a revitalized spirit of unity.

Counties are helping each other. Cities and towns are sharing development leads with one another. As I drive throughout our communities and visit with business leaders, you can bet 2022’s growth is just the beginning. Supporting local businesses during really tough times jump started the Valley’s recent economic spike. Buying products and services at home is powerful, very powerful.

Raising our glasses starts January, and raising our standards to take the RGV to another level of greatness is our plan. We can do this, and we will. Why? Because we are one. We are the Rio Grande Valley.

My thirty years in the media world has primarily focused on marketing, advertising and writing. This industry is my passion. I have been blessed to serve customers with marketing consulting, advertising concepts, video production and promotion of all forms - broadcast, print and digital. My occupation is a fun job but not work. The opportunity to put clients and customers together awakens me early. Learning clients and their businesses enables me to create effective multimedia advertising campaigns. My media life led me to deep South Texas in 2004 to co-found The Business Times of the Rio Grande Valley and then the Valley Business Report in 2009. This south Louisiana native is proud to call the Rio Grande Valley my home.