TSTC Receives Toyota Donation


TSTC Receives Toyota Donation

TSTC Toyota donationTexas State Technical College’s Mechatronics Technology students will soon have labs equipped with two robotic arms to program and maintain as part of their hands-on training, thanks to Toyota.

“Toyota’s donation is really important for our college, our program and our students,” said Lead Mechatronics instructor Eldwin Leija. “This allows us to expand our training and create more marketable graduates.”

The donated robotic arms have built more than two million Toyota Tundras and Tacomas over the last 10 years. Toyota Human Resources Manpower Planning Specialist Albert Escamilla said the robots reached their lifespan at Toyota and were replaced with updated versions. Escamilla was instrumental in organizing the donation with TSTC,

“These robots still have plenty of life left in them for use in a classroom setting,” said Escamilla. “And at Toyota, we feel that their introduction into the classroom will yield us a more capable graduate.”

Escamilla also added that Toyota recruits from TSTC statewide, but has hired more graduates from TSTC in Harlingen than any other campus.

“After learning on larger more versatile robots like these, students will graduate better prepared to enter the workforce,” said Escamilla.

Leija adds that the robots will be ready to use as early as Spring 2019, after installation and instructor training. All training for the robotic arms comes from Toyota and will mirror the automotive manufacturer’s employee training.