IBC Helps Open Another Minitropolis


IBC Helps Open Another Minitropolis

Rosita del Castillo Elementary students join IBC Bank and school officials in opening Cowboyville. (photo IBC Bank)

Brownsville area elementary school launches Cowboyville

The IBC Bank Minitropolis program has expanded yet again, allowing more students to see how a community works together for the good of its citizens.

Rosita del Castillo Elementary and IBC joined together Oct. 19 to hold a ribbon cutting and launch the school’s edition of Minitropolis, Cowboyville. Through the program, all students hold a variety of real world positions, depending on both individual interests and passions. The city starts with an IBC Bank. Here citizens earn money for behavior during school and learn how to manage it. Cowboyville will soon add a news outlet and store.

“Financial literacy is essential to our children’s education,” said IBC Bank-Brownsville President and CEO Al Villarreal. “At IBC Bank, we strive for the youngest of citizens to know how their community and their money works. We are confident the investment in Cowboyville will result in a future full of strong, upstanding Brownsville residents.”

This year, the fourth grade class spearheads the operations at Cowboyville before eventually handing the Minitropolis over to the fifth grade class. In the future, all grade levels will have an active role in Cowboyville starting with the bank, post office and store. They will then work toward the goal of attracting more community businesses to join the program.