New Video Series Helps Businesses Start Selling Overseas


New Video Series Helps Businesses Start Selling Overseas

Businesses encouraged to expand past borders

The U.S. Department of Commerce has launched an online series showing businesses the world of opportunity available to expand beyond U.S. borders. The short videos directly address how a company can tap into international opportunities, with the entire series lasting 10-15 minutes.

Topics include:
Get Ready to Export – learn about evaluating your company’s readiness and creating a plan.
Plan Your Market Entry Strategy – find out how to choose the best markets and position your company for success.
Find Foreign Buyers – understand the different ways you can find buyers.
Get Paid and Finance Your Export Transaction – avoid payment problems by learning about financing options.
Make the Export Sale – discover how to manage the paperwork and preparing your product for shipment.
Intellectual Property Rights and International Business Culture – complete your understanding of how to protect your product and put your best foot forward.

The videos are available at