RGV ranks nationally with close to $10 billion in exports


RGV ranks nationally with close to $10 billion in exports

Out of 400 metro areas across the nation measured by the International Trade Administration in 2013, the McAllen area ranked 54th Brownsville ranked 58th, outperforming areas such as Denver, Las Vegas, Birmingham, Omaha and Tucson. According to the RGV Partnership, if the two areas were combined, like Dallas-Fort Worth, the RGV’s $9.887 billion in exports would rank 32nd nationally and fifth in Texas.

The McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metro area exported $5.265 billion in trade last year, a 1.3% increase over 2012, and the Brownsville-Harlingen area shipped out $4.622 billion, up 1% as well.

With total exports of the RGV, the area outperformed larger metro areas such as Austin-Round Rock, Kansas City, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Tampa-St. Petersburg. Rankings only account exports, not if the exported goods were produced in a particular market.

Also according to RGV Partnership, the McAllen area ranks in the exportation of computer and electronic product manufacturing, electrical equipment, appliances components, transportation equipment and machinery manufacturing. The Brownsville area’s primary exports were nearly the same while also exporting chemical manufacturing.

Other Texas metro areas making the list were Houston at the top with $115 billion, Dallas ninth, San Antonio 16th, El Paso 22nd, Austin 37th, Beaumont 39th, Laredo 50th and Corpus Christi 56th.

The ITA’s report is available online.