Grants awarded to local innovators


Grants awarded to local innovators

NerdiTechs, Guardian eHealth Solutions and Seat Buddy have each received $10,000 from the McAllen Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Innovation Grant.

Venture capitalists from these proposed companies and others competed in a process where a panel of regional business leaders evaluated proposals from the perspective of a venture capitalist. The panel makes a decision based on the viability and maturity of the project and the potential for a positive economic impact in the McAllen area. The award monies need to be used to offset innovation expenses such as patenting, marketing and prototype expenses experienced by many startup companies.

“The Innovation grants are intended to aid entrepreneurs in moving their project to a more tangible stage,” said Steve Ahlenius, president and CEO of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.

NerdiTechs is a non-emergency reporting system for use by citizens of a locality to make it easy to report and track incidents such as a malfunctioning traffic light or street light, a pothole, graffiti, non-emergency reports, etc. The idea is to increase citizen participation in keeping their city clean and crime free. The project leaders are Miguel Trevino and Karl Stainke.

Guardian eHealth Solutions is a secure, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant, mobile communication platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Guardian eHealth Solution, known as clinical notes, (C-Notes) helps healthcare providers get paid for services offered. The project leaders are Gilberto Garcia Jr., Tim Gray, Ed Stonebraker and Carlos Robledo

Seat Buddy is a seat cushion for commercial drivers in big rigs, buses, construction heavy equipment or farmers which blows air up the seat of the driver’s pants, working in conjunction with the air system in the vehicle. The leader of the project is William Brinsdon.

Eduardo Millet of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce vice president of Business Development and Governmental Affairs, Karl Stainke and Miguel Trevino of NerdiTechs, William Brinsdon of Seat Buddy, and Tim Gray, Gilberto Garcia Jr., Ed Stonebraker, and Carlos Robledo of Guardian eHealth Solutions