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Scene at Harlingen airport hangar where TIA does repair and maintenance work on turbo engine jets.

TIA Brings Jets, Hanger to Life

Robert Sanders rolls open the huge doors of a World War II-era hanger. He walks onto a floor of Learjets and other turbo prop business and civilian jets.  It’s TIA Aeronautics at the Valley International Airport in Harlingen. Sanders, the business owner, and Orlando Cano, the company’s general manager, begin to point out the various state of repairs on the planes. Sanders was born in Germany as the son of…

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Helping Business Owners Help Themselves

For Christopher Wycoco, business isn’t just about making money. It’s also about helping the community.  That’s why this young entrepreneur and owner of Wycotax is…

The Future of Workspace

The scent of coffee is noticeable as you walk through the door of this bright, colorful and modern-looking open space.  There’s a kitchen area…

Passion Meets Education

McAllen native Rafael Sepulveda received his bachelor’s in…

Venture X Opening in McAllen

Venture X will soon open a new 12,000-square-foot location at Trenton…

Old Dominion Stays on the Move

Freight line companies are in the business of transporting cargoes…
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