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Ryan and Brian held an award ceremony to recognize their team's achievements. Listing agent Kathleen Mena was honored with "Top Dog" for her dedication and success in 2018.

Sell a Home Successfully

Part 3 of a Q&A with Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team

Last week, we spoke with Ryan Peterson and Brian Reed of the Ryan and Brian Real Estate Team about being a buyer in the real estate market with “Education Key to Real Estate.” This week, we’re speaking with them about how to successfully sell your home.  Q: What advice do you give to sellers when they’re getting ready to sell their home?  Brian: Make buyers feel at home. This involves two…

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Education Key to Real Estate

Last week we met Ryan Peterson and Brian Reed of the Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team in Part 1 of “Local Business Gets…

Local Business Gets Real (Estate)

Real estate is one of the top five biggest investments a person makes during their lifetime. When making a decision that large, it is…

Raising Mid-Century Modernism Awareness

The Rio Grande Valley of the post-World War II era was still new and…

Flood Insurance … Do You Need It or Not?

Nearly six weeks later, water-damaged loveseats, bathroom cabinets,…

Strength In Numbers — NAI RGV

When the regional division of a global commercial real estate company…