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Brownsville Sees Rapid Business Growth

The 1929 Whiskey Tavern, with Market Square in the window reflection, is one of many Brownsville businesses to receive local grants to help open and develop downtown properties.

Brownsville needed to send out a different kind of message that fit with the times of a city that sees itself as the state’s new space city. City leaders wanted to accelerate the process of getting business prospects through the grind of meeting building codes and ordinances. Every city has those measures in place, but it doesn’t mean they have to be overly cumbersome in the process of getting a…

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SpaceX Launches Waves Of Hope

A mural of SpaceX founder Elon Musk on a downtown Brownsville building.

The city of Brownsville for decades had a motto that was simple and got to the point about the city’s allure. “On The Border By The Sea,” was the saying often attached to city marketing and official communication. As of a few months ago, Brownsville’s signature saying was altered to reflect recent developments. “On The Border By The Sea – And Beyond!” is the new slogan.  Brownsville has fallen for…

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