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SPI Celebrates “Cook Your Catch” Day Jan. 23

Cook Your Catch

South Padre Island will celebrate its second National Cook Your Catch Day Jan. 23 with events for avid anglers and cuisine fans of South Padre Island. The celebration includes a VIP fishing trip and dinner for regional influencers. Currently, eight restaurants will cook the catches of participants. The event also includes tips from fishing guides on techniques for catching different species and ideas from SPI chefs on how to make…

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Bait and Fishing Business a Life Source

The landscape will tell you that you are in a different place. Bait shops and bait stores, cabins, homes and apartments for rent – during the summer in most fishing cities — but here in Arroyo City, the weather is great for fishing year round. Fishing is the lifeblood of this town. Seated along the Arroyo Colorado, this similar-named city is all about fishing – and you’re almost a stone’s…

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