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Has been a writer/editor for more than 25 years. Was a syndicated writer for more than 130 newspapers and talent for 40 radio stations covering NASCAR during its heyday. Covered the 1996 Olympics for Thomson Newspapers. Has won more than 30 local, state and national writing and photography awards. Earned a communications degree from the Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio and an MBA from UTRGV. Teaches business classes for Wayland Baptist University. Covered stories including the blackout of the Northeast, Dale Earnhardt's death, the murder of Michael Jordan's dad and many other stories. A native of New York, he lives in McAllen with his 12-year-old daughter Camilla. He enjoys being a motivational speaker, playing sports, reading, cooking, coaching volleyball and, most of all, being with his 13-year-old daughter daughter Camilla, a volleyball and track star, and straight A student. He is also the youth director at his church, Christian Fellowship Church in McAllen.

Deep into Hobbies and Heroes

Cards and comics among offerings in McAllen There was a time where Topps had the baseball card market locked up. The same can be said for DC and Marvel comic books. It was a time when a young boy or girl would wait anxiously for the next Spider Man edition to appear on the stands or opening that pack of cards maybe meant completing the set. That entire landscape has…

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The Pies Have It

Grandma’s cooking. For many, those two words conjure up memories of good days with family, where grandma might make her secret-recipe menudo or chicken soup or apple pie. It didn’t really matter what she brought. It was grandma’s food – it was comfort food. Jean Petit and his parents, Veronica and Paul Petit, are now sharing grandma’s cooking – real Mexico City cooking – with the Rio Grande Valley. Pies…

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The business of sports training  

When Coach Danny Soto, founder of Valley Heat Volleyball Club, was in middle school, he tried out for his school’s track team but he was not chosen.  He still remembers the sadness of not making the team. “I developed late,” said Soto, who ended up going to state in track by the time he was a senior in high school. “But I still remember the hurt of not making the team…

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Protection from cyber attacks  

  Louis Barton has spent a lot of time learning how to protect himself from “the bad guy,” and that was before he became a leader in cyber safety at Frost Bank. At a forum on cyber security, Barton discussed ways hackers can find their way into anyone’s bank account, credit card, phone or computer and steal their identity. Many in attendance were wide-eyed during some of his examples, like…

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Chilling out at Bahama Bucks 

At Bahama Bucks, people walk with cups overflowing with thin-shaved ice in deep, rich colors. The ice, piled much higher than the edge of the cup, reminded one of an iceberg – what is seen is just a small preview of what’s below. One girl held a cucumber-flavored treat, another had cherry-red flavor seeping deep into the ice. One dad sipped a frozen lemonade, while a young customer bit into…

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Summer camp for grownups 

Jackelyn Llanas had doubts about the daunting task ahead of her. The 23-year-old Brownsville native had been selected for the first cohort to undergo an intense 12-week coding boot camp in Full Stack Web Development. “I thought I couldn’t do it. I was overwhelmed and scared,” said the UTRGV mechanical engineering student. “I thought about quitting but decided to stick this out.” By early August, 10 weeks into the program,…

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