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Hello, my name is Humphrey Thomas. I’m a graduate of Maastricht University located in the Netherlands with a degree in International Business. I am a Registered Financial Advisor and an Investment Advisor Representative. I am also an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS®), and I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™(CDFA®). I hold General Securities Series 7, Series 63, and Series 65 Licenses, as well as being licensed in Life and Health Insurance. As an Independent Financial Advisor, I specialize in Retirement Planning. One thing in life we can count on is change and this is why I make it my professional goal to be the best in my field of expertise by staying educated in the ever changing-financial world. It is my desire to understand my clients’ financial goals and present a long-term plan that navigates their finances to work for them, bringing the security needed when changes come. It is my passion to educate people about their financial options and to help them better understand how to achieve their short and long-term financial goals. When someone understands their entire financial picture, they are then equipped to make solid and sound decisions -- decisions that will set them up for security in the future.

Inaction Can be Risky Business

risk management

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” – Denis Waitley. Sometimes we don’t have the insight into financial risk management that we think we do. My wife, Sonia, works as a physician’s assistant in a pediatric clinic right here in the Rio Grande Valley. Every day she’s involved in critical “risk assessment” with patients. It’s…

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The College Catch-Up Checklist

college saving

Just as time flies, saving for college can also fly – under the radar, that is. Maybe you’ve always had the intention to put away money for your child, but with one thing and another you still haven’t got started. Actually, many parents are in the same boat. According to a Fidelity College Savings Indicator Survey, parents of 10th graders and beyond say they regret they did not: Save more…

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How to Calculate Taxes on IRA Income

calculating taxes on IRAs

Calculations vary with contributions and earnings In last month’s article, I wrote about the mistaken idea some people have that they earn too much to benefit from a Roth IRA.  The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act, passed by Congress in 2005, effectively opened up a legal avenue to make contributions to a traditional IRA, and then convert all or part of the funds to a Roth. Let’s dig a…

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Don’t Think You Earn Too Much For A Roth IRA 

When Roth IRAs were created in 1997, they were an exciting new idea. They provided a way to make after-tax contributions that could, under certain conditions, grow entirely free of federal income taxes. Prior to that, traditional IRAs worked basically the other way around — you could make deductible contributions, but distributions would be fully taxable. The law also allowed taxpayers to “convert” traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs by paying…

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Five things to do if you retire in 2017 

Plan to make retirement a reality There is little doubt that 2017 will hold surprises. We have a new president. How will the markets respond? How will health care policies change? What will happen with the current tax code? Considering everything that is up in the air, it is more important than ever to partner with a financial professional who can help make your retirement dreams a reality. Here are five…

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