IMAS Celebrates Hubble Anniversary 


IMAS Celebrates Hubble Anniversary 

Hubble 30 IMAS BannerOn April 24, 2020, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope celebrated the 30th anniversary of its launch aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. In honor of that occasion, a new Hubble image called “Cosmic Reef” was released virtually and will be on display at the International Museum of Art & Science beginning Aug. 7.

The IMAS is one of 74 locations across the nation to unveil the Hubble 30th anniversary photo to the public. The IMAS will display a vinyl banner featuring the 30th anniversary image on its grounds for a full year. The banner will be on the outside of the building near the Colossal Head No 8 statue and at “perfect selfie” height. The public may also view the banner from a distance from the museum’s west parking lot. Visitors should use the hashtag #Hubble30 and #ExploreIMAS to share their selfies and photos with the unique image for a chance to be on IMAS social media.

Virtual workshops and events celebrate Hubble

On Aug. 12, the IMAS will premiere its 15th episode of Workshop Wednesday, a virtual workshop featuring “Galaxy Painting” in tribute to the Hubble 30th Anniversary. Then on Aug. 29, the IMAS will host a free virtual event on Facebook from 4-6 p.m. A limited number of activity kits will be available for free pickup at the museum on the morning of Aug. 29.

More information about the anniversary image and events is on the IMAS website.