McAllen Chamber Seeks Customer Service Award Nominations


McAllen Chamber Seeks Customer Service Award Nominations

Customer Service AwardThe McAllen Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for the Customer Service Award. The purpose is to recognize a special individual(s) or business for going above and beyond in providing superior customer service or an unmatched humanitarian act.

Past examples include:

  • A dry cleaner’s employees returned money and multiple gift cards left in a jacket by the owner.
  • A teacher took care of a student whose glucose was dropping to dangerously low levels.
  • A park employee went out of his way to find the owner of a wallet and returned it.

One of the most important parts of the award nominations is that the individual must go beyond their expected duties.

The business does not need to be a McAllen Chamber member; however, the business must be within the city of McAllen. If a person or business is not selected, their nomination will be kept, once more, for the next selection.

Nominations may be sent to