McAllen Rates As A Best Place to Celebrate Halloween


McAllen Rates As A Best Place to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween jack-o-lanternsMcAllen ranks 15 in the United States in the Best Places to Celebrate Halloween according to In 2019, McAllen ranked 17. compared 210 cities across the country, looking at 10 metrics in four overall categories. Metrics include Family Friendly, Safety, Halloween Weather, and Candy and Costume. Those categories are further broken down into aspects such as the percentage of children in the population, violent and property crime rates, average temperature, and number of costume shops and candy stores

McAllen’s overall index rating is 67.37, with the number of residential neighborhoods in the city highlighting the rating. Other aspects include the city’s low violent and property crime rate, and a population that is just under 25 percent of ages 15 or younger. Low chance of rain and an average temperature of just over 84°F , and there are plenty of costume options and places to score candy. ranks an average temperature of 60°F as perfect trick-or-treating weather, yet McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos respectfully disagrees.

“These folks don’t realize how warm it is in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, or even South Texas for that matter, so for us, 60°F is more like Christmas weather than Halloween,” he says. “However, this year, it seems as if this year, McAllen will have a very cool Halloween, as even the cold weather up north wants to spend Halloween in McAllen!”

The City of McAllen reminds all residents to follow some safety tips to insure everyone has a safe and enjoyable night, including:

  • Parents should accompany all children when trick-or-treating.
  • Costumes should not restrict vision or mobility.
  • Parents should inspect all candy before allowing children (or themselves) to eat it.
  • Parents or children should use flashlights or other illumination when walking about.
  • When crossing streets, use crosswalks and do not walk out from in between vehicles.
  • All motorists should exercise extreme caution when driving that night, as there will be additional pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, especially in residential neighborhoods.
  • Parents should report any suspicious activity to the McAllen Police Department 956-681-2000 and for emergencies, dial 9-1-1 immediately.