McAllen ISD Hosts Educator Event

District set to host TECHnovate


McAllen ISD Hosts Educator Event

TECHnovateMcAllen ISD will be at the center of the fifth annual TECHnovate Aug. 9. The all-day event for educators focuses on creativity, social collaboration and engagement. It also explores compelling ways schools integrate technology into their classrooms.

The event is open to all teachers, not just McAllen ISD.

There will be presentations on 100 topics. This includes15 Tools for Digital ReadersDeepening Learning with Digital Portfolios and Promoting Engagement and Classroom Culture through Robotics.

McAllen ISD began providing students with individual electronic learning devices, such as the iPad and iPod Touch, in 2011. It was also one of the first school districts in the nation to provide devices to all students in pre-kinder through 12th grade. This move garnered national and international attention.

By sharing ideas and training teachers in a wider range of web tools and apps, the ultimate beneficiaries will be their students.

“We don’t ever want them to forget content is most important and kids need choice,” event organizer and McAllen ISD Director of Instructional Technology Ann Vega said. “Kids should be able to pick and choose from all these different tools when they are working on their school work. We’re getting them ready for college. Whatever situation they’re in, they’re going to pick up some of these tools easily because they have been exposed to them.”

TECHnovate takes place from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. at McAllen High School, 2021 La Vista Ave.

Educators can register via Event Brite. For more information, visit