Port of Brownsville Has Record Year


Port of Brownsville Has Record Year

The Brownsville Navigation District’s recent annual external audit of the Port of Brownsville confirms record operating revenues and tonnage for fiscal year 2018.

The audit reviewed the district’s financial statements and figures, which reflect an increase in total operating revenue and tonnage for the port for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2018.  The total operating revenue was $24,209,767. This marks a four percent increase from the 2017 fiscal year. Total tonnage for the 2018 fiscal year also met and surpassed records. It registers at 11.3 million short tons, an increase of 6.6 percent from fiscal year 2017.

“The Port of Brownsville is a consistent model of excellence. We are making important financial decisions that have positive returns. This audit reflects our commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility,” said John Reed, BND chairman.

The independent audit firm issued an unmodified opinion given that the BND’s financial statements were presented fairly following standard accounting principles generally accepted in the United States.  According to the audit’s outcomes, the BND is providing truthful records and reporting precise numbers.

Publication of the audit’s findings will be part of the BND’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.