Faith Inspires Launch Of Blessings Box


Faith Inspires Launch Of Blessings Box

Kim Edwards-Garza holds her premier Overflow of Blessings Box.
Kim Edwards-Garza holds her premier Overflow of Blessings Box.

Most mornings, while enjoying a cup of coffee, Kim Edwards-Garza spends this quiet time before her workday with God.

“I fill up my soul with His Word, and it enables me to tackle any problem or stress I may have that day,” she said. 

Born and raised in McAllen, and a graduate of Memorial High School, Edwards-Garza earned a degree in marketing at St. Edward’s University in Austin. She later opened a children’s furniture store in the Texas capital. Five years later, her parents beckoned her home to help with the family business, Edwards Distributing.

“They were ready to retire,” Edwards-Garza said, “so I moved back in 1999.”

This themed mug is part of each premier Overflow of Blessings Box.
This themed mug is part of each premier Overflow of Blessings Box.

Another produce company purchased Edwards Distributing in 2006. Edwards-Garza stayed with the company for three more years before accepting a job with another produce company, where she stayed for 10 years. In 2019, Palenque Foods, a mango grower in Mexico, hired Edwards-Garza to put her extensive background in produce sales to work for them. 

Life was good for this single mother with one son, AJ, but it got even better when she met Marty Garza. The two married in the fall of 2015. Then, in 2016, doctors diagnosed Garza with advanced esophageal cancer.

“Marty always had this attitude that God is in control,” said Edwards-Garza.

She saw her husband’s faith throughout his treatments and hospitalizations.

“The doctors who were there to care for him were definitely sent by God,’’ she said. “When nurses came into the room, we always had Christian music playing, and they would tell us they felt His peace.”

Garza passed away 18 months after their wedding and a year after his diagnosis. He was just 51.

Kim Edwards-Garza thrives on creativity and themes, paying attention to every detail of her Overflow of Blessings Box—even the packing material.

Facing Challenges

“I have faced hardships and loss throughout my life,” Edwards-Garza said of dealing with her husband’s passing. “What has always given me strength and courage to keep moving forward is spending time in God’s Word and surrounding myself with encouraging Christian women.” 

Edwards-Garza’s faith was an inspiration to create a monthly subscription box that is unlike others she has seen. 

“I have heard of different subscription boxes and have seen mostly beauty ones,” she said. “I thought we needed one with Bible verses, journaling and reflections like those I have experienced in various Facebook groups.”

Edwards-Garza created the Overflow of Blessings Box, which launches in September. The Box centers around the idea of a cup of coffee or tea and sharing those moments with close friends and with God.

Her idea is that as Christian women delve into His Word and experience an overflow of joy, peace and gratitude, they will share their blessings with others and create a ripple effect. Edwards-Garza wants to help women slow down and take time for themselves.

This is how it works. Individuals can order an Overflow of Blessings Box for themselves or as a gift by going to The Box is also available via Edwards-Garza’s Facebook or Instagram pages, Overflow of Blessings.

Kim Edwards-Garza provides a sneak peak of the monthly subscription service’s premier box.
Kim Edwards-Garza provides a sneak peak of the monthly subscription service’s premier box.

In September, the spiritual message comes from the book of Matthew, chapter 19, verse 26: “With God, all things are possible.” This Box will include a beautiful mug and either K-cups with spiritual messages, ground coffee or botanical tea leaves. Also part of the Box will be a journal, coasters and a few other blessings.

Like God’s blessings, Edwards-Garza said the contents of each month’s Box will often not be revealed in advance, but each will contain a special selection of five-to-six gift items to complement that month’s theme. In the Box, she will also include an exclusive Spotify playlist with hand-selected Christian music.

Each month’s Overflow of Blessings Box is $42 plus $5 for shipping anywhere in the United States (or free local pick-up). There is a discount for three-month and six-month subscriptions purchased in advance. Subscriptions renew on the 20th of each month but can be canceled at any time before then. The Box will be shipped on the 25th of each month and will be offered year-round. 

“My hope is that this Box will help women grow closer to Christ,” Edwards-Garza said. “Making decisions can be stressful, but God already has a plan. He has put the right people in our paths. I want other women to feel that.’’