Qualfon Continues Growth in Harlingen


Qualfon Continues Growth in Harlingen

Qualfon Data ServicesQualfon Data Services LLC is already producing more than $8 million annually into the local economy in wages and now, it is expanding its footprint in Harlingen.

According to the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation, the business providing contact center services, integrated marketing solutions, big data analytics, and back-office processing is receiving a $200,000 job creation grant from the EDC. This comes after Qualfon extended their lease on a 40,000-square-foot office building for an additional five years.

Qualfon currently employs approximately 450 at their site on Haine Drive. The EDC says, “the multiplier effect for these 450 jobs is approximately 4 to 1, so that also means that Qualfon is helping maintain or create an additional 1,800 indirect jobs in the area.”

HEDC CEO Raudel Garza noted recently that there are more than 1.1 million people residing within a 45-minute drive to Harlingen. Due to this, much of the Harlingen workforce travels from other parts of the Valley. Qualfon, Dish Network, United Healthcare, Spectrum and ACCT account for most of the employment in this sector.  However, some local financial institutions and medical facilities also have significant back office operations with the total number of jobs hovering around 3,000.

Garza said that HEDC is willing to work with developers to deliver that type of office space and will continue to support this important sector of the economy.

“Qualfon took a chance on Harlingen over five years ago and the HEDC and City took a chance on Qualfon, and we have not been disappointed,” HEDC Chairman Mickey Boland stated. “Their continued growth is great for Harlingen and for all of South Texas.”