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Bandera Brings New Brew to Harlingen

Bandera Coffee Co.

Downtown Harlingen has scored big points with the addition of the new stylish coffee shop, Bandera Coffee Co. This coffee shop just recently opened, boasting excellent roasts. It takes pride in the origin and source of its coffee with a pour over menu consisting of Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Mexican beans. Flavor profiles range from bright notes of kiwi, apple and grape to refreshing key lime, butterscotch and smooth cocoa.…

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Building, Cooking From Scratch 

When Jovita Chase first moved with her mom to the Brownsville Coffee Shop No. 2’s current location, she remembers the excitement as a customer would walk in – any customer, even just one. “When we first opened where I am, I didn’t have much money, I couldn’t advertise and all we had was word of mouth,” she said. “Things were very difficult.” Now, 42 years later the 92-seat restaurant is…

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