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Josie M. Barrera is a creative writer and an artist from Alton, Tx. With a BA in English, and a minor in Studio Art, she has always been fond of connecting the two. She is a big supporter of small businesses and loves attending local events in the community. In the past, her works have revolved around SEO writing for digital marketing agencies. Josie looks forward to shedding some light on local small business owners and their success in providing something their community can enjoy.

Measuring Success with Coffee Beans

One of Moonbeans Coffee's specialty drinks, the Meteor, is the Mexican Abuelita Hot Chocolate; their Ben’s Meteor is a shot of espresso and some brown sugar cinnamon.

Over the years, the coffee scene in the RGV has grown into a highly sought-after market for coffee enthusiasts. Among these local coffee shops, there is one that has become a staple for the residents of McAllen and its neighboring cities.  Walking into Moonbeans Coffee, there is an immediate greeting of the pleasant aromas of freshly roasted coffee. This family business celebrates 20 successful years of service and dedication to…

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Qweenie RGV Turns ONE!

Qweenie owners Bryan Nunn and Kimberly Avila pop up at different businesses around the RGV. Here they are at Weslaco's Daily Grind.

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie in the RGV and love supporting local restaurants, there’s a possibility that you’ve already had Qweenie RGV a number of times.  What is Qweenie RGV? Qweenie is a food truck that is the creation of Valley natives Kimberly Avila and Bryan Nunn. Specializing in gourmet hot dogs that are out-of-this-world, this phenomenon opened up in 2018. Qweenie just celebrated its first birthday in July.  The…

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Passion Meets Education

RGV Photography Workshops Owner Rafael Sepulveda and Co-Instructor Eric Sierra engage with their advanced photography class while Creative Assistant Nora Cuevas prepares the model of the day.

McAllen native Rafael Sepulveda received his bachelor’s in advertising from Boston University then attended photography school in Atlanta. Upon completing those courses and receiving Professional Photographers of America certification, he opened up two destination photography businesses. During his time as a destination wedding photographer in Atlanta, he discovered that he really enjoyed teaching other photographers that assisted him on his shoots. Establishing direction Sepulveda established RGV Photography Workshops in McAllen…

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