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Five Best Risk Management Strategies

risk management

Being in business is exciting but it also means facing challenges and risks every day. These risks and threats to your business can come from innumerable sources, including economic conditions, lawsuits, competitors, and the weather. In order to be able to sleep at night, it’s essential that you adopt a variety of risk management strategies. These are designed to avert catastrophe and provide you with protection to the extent possible.…

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Five things to do if you retire in 2017 

Plan to make retirement a reality There is little doubt that 2017 will hold surprises. We have a new president. How will the markets respond? How will health care policies change? What will happen with the current tax code? Considering everything that is up in the air, it is more important than ever to partner with a financial professional who can help make your retirement dreams a reality. Here are five…

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Windstorms and insurance discussion

buenos dias harlingen to discuss insurance and windstorms The Harlingen Chamber of Commerce invites members to Buenos Dias Harlingen Jan. 17. The roundtable discussion gathers information on legislative issues affecting the businesses and community from the 85th Legislative Session. This month’s topic is Insurance and Windstorms. The 8-9 a.m. discussion is led by Josh Fields of Shepard Walton King Insurance Group. Century 21 Johnston Co. serves as the sponsor for the…

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