Mandates Are Not Pro-Business


Mandates Are Not Pro-Business


Pro-business autonomy.

Pro-personal freedom.

You cannot support one without the others.

VBR is and always has been a pro-business advocate for our Rio Grande Valley businesses and families. Current mandated mask orders on businesses in both Hidalgo and Cameron counties are government overstep. These are dangerous precedents, and we cannot and will not support them.

Hidalgo and Cameron county officials are stepping on the rights of business owners … of individuals … of citizens … whom the current state executive orders fortunately still protect.

  • We cannot support businesses being robbed of a choice individual persons have. We cannot support the forced deputization of business owners and employees for mandates local governments cannot enforce themselves on individuals.
  • We cannot support the monetary shakedown of fines. We cannot support the fining of individuals for others’ actions.
  • We cannot support local officials denying a business its choice on implementing their own policies on government-agency recommendations.
  • We cannot support another straw casually tossed onto the backs of local law enforcement.

Private businesses are open to feed and clothe our families, offer professional services and supply goods. They are not a branch of law enforcement. Business owners and employees are not trained in law enforcement nor paid as law enforcement. Just the opposite, they are the ones paying the counties through taxes, and also possibly paying counties on levied fines for not doing their deputy duties.

Once again, this is government overstep.

Please come together with us. Share your opinions, experiences thus far and suggested remedies of going forward. We need each other.

We are one. We are the Rio Grande Valley.