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My thirty years in the media world has primarily focused on marketing, advertising and writing. This industry is my passion. I have been blessed to serve customers with marketing consulting, advertising concepts, video production and promotion of all forms - broadcast, print and digital. My occupation is a fun job but not work. The opportunity to put clients and customers together awakens me early. Learning clients and their businesses enables me to create effective multimedia advertising campaigns. My media life led me to deep South Texas in 2004 to co-found The Business Times of the Rio Grande Valley and then the Valley Business Report in 2009. This south Louisiana native is proud to call the Rio Grande Valley my home.

Focusing On The Positives 


We see more than 2,000 messages every day. How many are beneficial and productive? The buffet of information is either overwhelming and distracting or delivers education, motivation and purpose to our professional and personal lives. The deciphering of content to absorb the helpful data and ignore the meaningless information is a daily battle. Why is this important? What we hear, see and dwell upon we become. Professional development is a…

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Togetherness Is Independence

sailing independence teamwork

We were taught to do things on our own, handle the tasks, not to burden others with duties we should address. Independence is a powerful lesson. The older I get, the more I learn how to put childhood and beyond teachings into perspective. As I write this article on my late father’s birthday, I am reminded of parental instructions that have influenced me personally and professionally. We as business leaders…

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Success Overcomes Fear

success road

Several of the most dangerous words known to man are:  “Let’s continue because we’ve always done it that way.” Many times, the wheel needs to be broken. A paradigm shift is necessary. Choosing an alternate route from point A to point B is the only way. We must never let uncertainty, even fear of failure, prevent us from exploring different options which may lead to greater production with fewer expenses…

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 Is Your Heart In It?

The expression “love what you do, and do what you love” is a powerful lesson. What is really satisfying is the enjoyment of our careers. Personal reward should be equivalent to earning a living. Does our job truly make us happy? It is truly important that teachers and counselors advise students to pursue an education toward a career best suited to their liking. By junior high, students are thinking of…

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

How’s business? Is it any of my business? It absolutely is. As you know, for these 11-plus years, VBR has been and will continue to be a Rio Grande Valley pro-business advocate. All Texas businesses should be open! It is way past time for state and local restrictions keeping businesses closed and otherwise restricted from doing business at full capacity. Employers have bills to pay. Employees need paychecks for their…

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You Have the Power

what's next

The word on the street is, “Why are we as businesses expected to monitor our customers? If customers lower their masks, we can be fined. How is that right?” Here at VBR, we agree the burden of customers’ facial covering practices should not be on business owners and their employees. Even with the new state orders by Governor Abbott requiring individuals to mask up in public, local county judges continue…

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Champions Don’t Lose


Winning the fight isn’t easy. Our current opponent is tough, but Team Rio Grande Valley is tougher. The hours run long, the sweat pours, punches hit us and we become weary. The enemy is sneaky, but local businesses and organizations, led by determined, resilient and competitive people, will not be defeated. We stand our ground together and then, as a unified people, we will win this war. Here at VBR,…

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Mandates Are Not Pro-Business

Pro-business. Pro-business autonomy. Pro-personal freedom. You cannot support one without the others. VBR is and always has been a pro-business advocate for our Rio Grande Valley businesses and families. Current mandated mask orders on businesses in both Hidalgo and Cameron counties are government overstep. These are dangerous precedents, and we cannot and will not support them. Hidalgo and Cameron county officials are stepping on the rights of business owners ……

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Down But Not Out

To say we are all in limbo, nervous and confused about the coming weeks, months and years is an understatement. Most of the world and especially our world, the RGV, is operating in survival mode as we await possible spreading or containment of COVID-19. It has created an abundance of uncertainty for every man, woman and yes, even most children.  Normalcy was put on hiatus mid March and the future…

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