Success Overcomes Fear


Success Overcomes Fear

success roadSeveral of the most dangerous words known to man are:  “Let’s continue because we’ve always done it that way.”

Many times, the wheel needs to be broken. A paradigm shift is necessary. Choosing an alternate route from point A to point B is the only way.

We must never let uncertainty, even fear of failure, prevent us from exploring different options which may lead to greater production with fewer expenses and less headaches. Finding a better way is professional growth and development while continuing less-than-optimal decisions can lead to failure.

Comfort zones can be easy and non-stressful. Even if results are not maximized, many times we choose the easy road because we’ve always done it that way. And let’s face it, sometimes we think because the way it was is the way it should be … forever.

But what if a new way of accomplishing an old task proved to be more effective and more profitable? What if a new plan totally redefined our old method and the end result to our surprise wasn’t as painful as we imagined? Change can be good. In fact, change can be great.

“A man who never had a chance never took a chance.”

Sure, traditions are a part of who we are.  Not all traditions should be copied until the the end of time. The road less traveled could lead to a brighter and greater tomorrow.

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