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Direct Mail is Hot Again.

direct mail

From Glossier to Quip, a variety of hip new companies is targeting millennials with … mailers? From postcards to catalogs, “hot, digitally savvy, direct-to-consumer” brands including Casper, Harry’s, Wayfair, Rover, Quip, Away, Handy and Modcloth have all started targeting customers via direct mail, Vox notes. Here’s why direct mail is hot again and how your business can use it effectively. Why Direct Mail Is Hot Why is direct mail so hot? One…

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Build Business Credit on a Shoestring Budget

business credit on budget

Many businesses start on a shoestring budget so it can be challenging to build the business credit you need to expand your business. But every business has to start somewhere and building your business credit can be done with the right action plan to guide you. In this article, we’ll cover how to build business credit without cash flow coming into your business. The first place to start is with your existing…

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Five Myths About Payroll Taxes

tax calculator

If you want to grow your business, you probably need to hire employees to help you. Becoming an employer and expanding your staff entails many responsibilities, one of which is seeing to payroll taxes. Unfortunately, there are many myths about these taxes. Here is the reality: 1. Myth: Transforming employees into independent contractors to save on payroll taxes is easy Reality: You probably know that it costs less to use an…

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SBA Forum Gives Local Businesses a Platform

Rhett Davis

Region 6 Small Business Advocate Rhett Davis of the SBA’s Office of Advocacy host two local small business regulatory forums March 28. The forums are held in an effort to further the goals of presidential executive orders on regulatory reform. The goal of the visit is to hear directly from small business owners about federal regulations that concern them. This is an opportunity for small businesses to educate the Office of Advocacy through first-hand…

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Separate Personal and Business Finances

As a business owner, establishing a distinct separation between your personal finances and your business finances is pivotal for protecting your own assets and credit. This above all things should be a top priority for managing money the right way. An incorporated business is treated as a separate legal entity and it must be treated as such. For starters, separation between personal and business finances should be on the top…

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Be Prepared with Solutions

In each and every organization, you will find problems. Sometimes big, sometimes small. There’s no getting around it. Like everything else, how an organization responds to problems comes from the top. This a lesson I learned from my wife, but it really came from her principal. As a teacher, my wife would often find she had trouble dealing with some issue that had come up. The first time she approached…

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Motivate Employees by Example


There are two forms of employee motivation at work. Extrinsic motivation is external: pay, bonuses, overtime, commissions, rewards and other similar recognitions for hard work and attained organizational goals. Intrinsic motivation is internal: the desire to be the best at one’s job, to achieve or fulfill a purpose, to master a skill or technique, and other similar intellectual stimulations. Most managers focus on offering the proper extrinsic motivators to their…

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Review Your Workplace Safety Policies

The law and good business practices require employers to provide a workplace that’s free from safety and health hazards that are known (or should be known). The failure to do so can mean lost productivity and employee dissatisfaction as well as costly lawsuits and government penalties. How do your workplace safety policies measure up? Protective gear Certain jobs require protective clothing and equipment to ensure the safety of workers. This…

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Emerging Leaders Launches in South Texas

Emerging Leaders

South Texas small businesses are now eligible for the SBA’s 2019 Emerging Leaders Initiative. The program provides “no cost” intensive entrepreneurship education as well as training to those who want to elevate their businesses to the next level. As an offering from the Lower Rio Grande Valley District Office, the course includes nearly 100 hours of classroom time. Participants also have opportunities to work with experienced coaches and mentors. Additionally, small business owners and…

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