UTRGV Offers New Online Graduate Certificate


UTRGV Offers New Online Graduate Certificate

UTRGV graduate certificateThe Graduate College at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will offer a new graduate certificate in the fall, preparing students for careers in international sustainability management.

An offering of the Robert C. Vackar College of Business & Entrepreneurship, the certificate is open to all majors who have a bachelor’s degree. It will consist of four graduate business classes totaling 12 credit hours.

“Sustainability has now become key for all modern enterprises and it involves a global challenge,” said Edith Galy, UTRGV associate professor of international business and entrepreneurship. “We are trying to recruit managers who have tools on how to develop sustainability programs not only within their companies, but within a competitive global market.”

The certificate will consist of the following four three-hour required courses:

  • International Business (INTB 6303)
  • Topics Course (topics will vary from Globalization, Consumption Culture and Sustainability) (INTB 6393)
  • International Supply Chain Management (INTB 6313)
  • Global Leadership Theory & Sustainability Issues (INTB 6323)

Both International Supply Chain Management and Global Leadership Theory and Sustainability Issues are new courses.

“It is a challenge to build a curriculum that is up to date with social issues,” Galy said. “Since this is a relatively new and emerging issue, and almost an emergency now, businesses have to be aware and develop their own programs to see how they help in the sustainability plight.”

Moreover, Galy said employers currently are looking for people who have an interest in sustainability.

“Individuals need to be able to show leadership in this area and come up with ideas on how to achieve it,” she said. “We cannot rely on our old economic logic. We need to think of new plans and ideas. Businesses out there are really looking for this skill set. This, combined with international business, is really good for our area.”