McAllen Announces Innovation Grant Winners


McAllen Announces Innovation Grant Winners

Exo and Cy, Innovative Grant winnerThe McAllen Chamber of Commerce will present its 2019 McAllen Innovation Grant winners Oct. 24. The presentation takes place during the I&E Network from 6-8 p.m. at the chamber, 1200 Ash Ave., and includes free pizza and beer.

“Entrepreneurs are rolling out new ideas and new items. Innovators will network and learn about their projects, struggles, victories, but more than anything, what have they done in order to be awarded as recipients of this prestigious award and what are they are working on in order to move their projects forward,” says a statement from the chamber.

Innovation Grant recipients include:

Ammo Fire Starters LLC

This product is both a fun and reliable product to get any fire going. A proprietary blend of waxes and wood, the fire starters are in the shape of a grenade, Unlike any other lighter fluid, it is safe and will not taint food.

Edison Foods

Bread that is fighting epidemic diseases related to obesity. Through its secret formula using natural ingredients, Edison Bread gives a rich taste, texture and form while preserving a molecular structure of natural ingredients.


The edible flavor strips in a pre-package are an easy addition to drinks, fruits or sodas. An easier and cleaner alternative of dressing a bottle, Lickstrips are ready just to peel, stick and lick.

Lumina Direct

A PVC chair for infection control, this medical device will reduce threat of infection of its users. It can support patients of up to 450 pounds without risking their integrity or injury by fall.

The Adventures of XO and CY

XO and his dog CY live in O.B. city. Together they fight mayor Diane Beeties but first they need to step up to their bullies Chip and Nacho. “The Adventures of XO and CY” is an innovative children’s book that fights obesity and diabetes through a series of exercises that kids must do in order to continue reading.

Ya’ax Vegan Foods

Multiple vegan foods that are not an easy find in the market. They include vegan mayos, chocolate hazelnut spreads, ranch, Italian dressings and pizza crusts.

The I&E Network is open to all community members that are working on new ideas. RSVP is required and may be made online.

For more information, contact Michelle Rodriguez at 956-682-2874 or