TABC Urges New Applications by July 31


TABC Urges New Applications by July 31

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is urging members of the alcoholic beverage industry to prepare now for a month-long pause from TABC in accepting applications for new licenses or permits. The pause begins Aug. 1 and will remain in place until Sept. 1 for new primary licenses, subordinate licenses and supplemental changes.

The licensing pause will affect any industry member looking to apply for an original permit, TABC Executive Director Bentley Nettles said.

“We certainly understand that this month-long data migration represents a challenge to Texas alcoholic beverage industry members, which is why we’re urging all affected business owners to prepare now,” Nettles said. “Our goal is to minimize the impact to the industry we serve while allowing us to hit the ground running when AIMS comes online Sept. 1.”

The downtime will happen for TABC to launch new technology, letting business owners easily complete TABC tasks anytime and anywhere. Agency staff will migrate industry members’ data from the current system to the new Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS), which launches Sept. 1. Businesses should view specific instructions and deadlines now on the TABC website.

Streamlining Licensing

AIMS will usher in a new way of working with TABC that is touted as easier, more efficient and less disruptive to businesses. Texans will be able to apply for a new license or renew their current license entirely online. The old system required applicants to submit paperwork directly to a TABC office. Business owners can also more easily track their application status, and print out licensing forms and required signs. Here, they may also apply for other TABC programs and initiatives. Additional information about AIMS can be found on the TABC website.

TABC urges business owners planning to submit an original licensing application to complete their paperwork, as outlined on TABC 2021 Changes and TABC Rules, and submit payment before July 31. Regular licensing services will resume Sept. 1 using the new AIMS technology. The agency will continue to process applications for new licenses and permits completed not later than July 31 during the pause, and renewal applications will not be affected.

Sept. 1 marks the effective date of several new state laws related to the alcoholic beverage industry. This includes the merging of multiple license and permit types, as well as changes in malt beverage rules and license fees. To learn more, visit