Hidalgo County Launches Vendor Enrollment Tool


Hidalgo County Launches Vendor Enrollment Tool

Hidalgo County

Hidalgo County has launched ConsiderMe, an online vendor enrollment solution, offering an equal opportunity for all providers of goods and services to adequately fulfill the needs of county government.

The new tool is a development by the county to help fulfill the need to secure qualified vendors and allows potential vendors consideration for Hidalgo County projects.  Local, state and national vendors can apply by using the online registration form.

The tool will also help county departments easily locate qualified vendors for county projects. It allows vendors to identify competitors and it allows the public to view qualified vendors.

Potential vendors must submit and update their application annually to remain eligible to do business with the county. Vendor registration forms are online.

For more information regarding vendor registration, contact the Purchasing Department at 956-318-2626.