New TWC Site Helpful for Employers

Texas Workforce Commission unveils new user-friendly labor market statistics site


New TWC Site Helpful for Employers

TexasLMIThe Texas Workforce Commission has a new website,, that makes accessing the agency’s statistics easier. The new site allows business and workers to monitor staffing trends and annual growth rate. Latest economic indicators for the state are also accessible.

“Our new LMI website ensures the most up-to-date labor market data is readily available to employers throughout the state, and creates a simplified platform to find this information,” said TWC Chair and Commissioner Representing Employers Ruth Hughs. “I encourage all Texas employers to utilize this website. It can be helpful with wage analysis, economic trends, and projected occupations. This is one of many tools that Texas uses in order to keep our economy competitive.” is now the state’s central hub for monthly labor market data including the unemployment rate, Total Nonagricultural Wage and Salary data.

“This platform was designed as a tool to be used by all, including job seekers, employers, students and economic developers,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Julian Alvarez.  “It is our hope that users will become familiar and use and other free resources on our website to explore career opportunities, trends and wage data.” replaces and features a user-friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation. The economic data site is also mobile compatible, thus allowing Texans to access the information on-the-go. In addition to compatibility across all platforms and availability, the site offers improved navigation and intuitive workflow. This makes Texas’s labor market data more accessible.

“The versatility of this new website removes barriers of compatibility and accessibility for all Texans,” said TWC Commissioner Representing the Public Robert Thomas. “It equalizes access to information and empowers Texans to understand the current and future economic climate of their community. Any tool overall that shares insights into labor market information also helps bridge our workforce and our employers and that equals accelerated economic growth, a resilient and adaptable workforce, and stronger communities.”