Bulk Cargo Dock Rehabilitation Nears Completion


Bulk Cargo Dock Rehabilitation Nears Completion

Port of Brownsville bulk cargo dock
To load and unload the grain and other granular type material from the ships, machines with large conveyor belts will move from one end of the ship to another. It will collect grain onto the conveyor belt and deposit the cargo from the other end onto storage areas built close to the ship.

The Port of Brownsville will resume exporting grains by vessel with the rehabilitation of the bulk cargo dock scheduled for completion this month.

The renovation project is part of a 2016 agreement between the port and West Plains LLC to restore and operate the grain elevator. The elevator has a capacity to store three million bushels of grain. Since restoration efforts began, West Plains has invested multiple millions of dollars in its facility. The port has also pitched another $5.5 million to the project.

The bulk cargo dock will work in tandem with the renovated grain elevator. This will also give South Texas and Mexican grain producers access to international markets. Once complete, the modern facilities will be efficient in high-speed handling of grain through all modes of transportation. This includes truck, rail and vessel loading and unloading.

West Plains currently moves grains, including yellow corn, dried distillers grain, milo and sugar by rail and truck.