BRO Passes FAA Annual Certification Inspection


BRO Passes FAA Annual Certification Inspection

Brownsville South Padre Island International AirportBrownsville South Padre Island International Airport recently passed the Federal Aviation Administration Part 139-Certification Inspection with no discrepancies.

Commercial Service Airports like BRO undergo an  intense, three-day long certification and compliance inspection by the FAA annually. This inspection is to ensure airports are following national safety standards. 

Included in a FAA Part 139 – Certification and Operations Inspection is a review of: 

  • Airport rescue/firefighting equipment, training and response times.
  • Airport Emergency Plan.
  • Operations/maintenance personnel training and performance.
  • All paved/unpaved safety areas and runway approaches.
  • All airfield markings and lighting.
  • Airport’s self-inspection program.
  • All operations and maintenance records and logs.

“The mission of the Brownsville South Padre Island Airport is to provide the facilities and services necessary to  allow for the movement of people and goods by air to and from BRO and surrounding areas in the most efficient, safe, pleasant and affordable manner possible,” said Shawn Schroeder, BRO assistant director of aviation. “The dedication and hard work of our operations  and maintenance team is to be credited for the successful annual inspection.”

American Airlines and United Airlines serve BRO with flights to Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston Intercontinental, respectively, with an average of eight daily round trips. BRO is the closest airport to South Padre Island, SpaceX’s “Starbase”  Launch Facility at Boca Chica Beach, and the Maquiladora Industry in Matamoros, Mexico.