February 19


February 19

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  1. Smokin’ Hot: Outdoor grilling is as popular as ever in the Rio Grande Valley, with greater numbers of
  2. Millennial Taste Twist: Ashley Vasquez knows what it’s like to start small. “We started with a shack
  3. Dishonesty in Business: Honesty is not quite the lonely word Billy Joel thinks it is. Managers and workers
  4. Threading the Needle: A nondescript metal building with a faded sign along an industrial/commercial


Thinker…Creator…Doer. Beth is passionate about life, learning, and all things creative. She has known from an early age that she had a love for journalism and media and spent her time in high school and college as part of the school yearbook, newspaper, and television station. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Texas Pan-American and immediately went on to earn her Master of Arts in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin. Beth has 15+ years working in all aspects of the media industry including: client services, graphic design, media creation for print, web, and television, and sales. Yet, she constantly strives to become more knowledgeable and accomplished within the field she loves. Aside from work, she has an active life she truly enjoys. With her husband, she owns her own business in which she uses her creativity to design and sell party printables as well as build, refinish, and paint wood items such as door hangers, decorations, and furniture. She also spends time with her family, husband, two daughters and sweet animals. A few of the things she loves… reading, purple, butterflies, the beach, chocolate, flowers, animals, good quotes, roller coasters and Chinese food.