RGV Focus Presents $30K To STC


RGV Focus Presents $30K To STC

RGV Focus presents a $30,000 check to South Texas College for students pursuing workforce credentials on Aug. 24. (photo STC)
RGV Focus presents a $30,000 check to South Texas College for students pursuing workforce credentials on Aug. 24. (photo STC)

A renewed donation by RGV Focus for the coming semester at South Texas College will continue to increase credential certificates and advancing degrees in the Valley.

RGV Focus, the educational arm of Dallas-based Communities Foundation of Texas presented a $30,000 check to STC directed towards students pursuing workforce credentials.

RGV Focus Senior Director Dr. Rodney Rodriguez was in attendance to present the award to STC trustees at their regular board meeting on Aug. 24.

“One of the great things with RGV Focus and South Texas College has been our partnership for over 10 years to advance educational opportunities in our community,” said Rodriguez in his presentation to STC trustees. “This is just one example of that partnership looking at how to increase opportunities not only for individuals in the urban areas, but also reaching out to our rural areas as well.

“Through this donation, we are going to be able to increase credential certificates and towards advancing degrees in the Valley, which is super important to us,” Rodriguez said.

Boosts Into High-Demand Workforces

STC will use the grant funds to provide micro-credential testing to at least 100 students for Industry Based Certifications. The IBCs will help students enter a high-demand workforce occupation.

STC anticipates at least 75 students will gain an IBC. The funding period is from Aug. 15, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

“Through these opportunities, we have a mindset of working through a cradle to career initiative where we look at not only advancing secondary to post-secondary (education) but also how we reinforce those educational activities and the onset of education,” Rodriguez said.

Through financial support from CFT’s Educate Texas Fund, the goal is to help enrolled students earn their certificate of completion and make progress toward earning an IBC in their field of study.

Funding has traditionally helped STC provide IBC exams to workforce students in the past, helping them pursue credentials toward meaningful career opportunities.

A total of 70 STC students previously obtained an Industry Based Certification to assist them in furthering their education or academic and workforce degree programs as part of STC’s stackable credential pathways.

Dual credit students have successfully obtained IBCs in Welding through STC’s newly license American Welding Society Accredited Test Facility, for example.

STC leadership say both the positive experiences and challenges of the prior grant funded program are a source of pride for the college, and the college will seek to increase student opportunities and success in earning an IBC.