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My thirty years in the media world has primarily focused on marketing, advertising and writing. This industry is my passion. I have been blessed to serve customers with marketing consulting, advertising concepts, video production and promotion of all forms - broadcast, print and digital. My occupation is a fun job but not work. The opportunity to put clients and customers together awakens me early. Learning clients and their businesses enables me to create effective multimedia advertising campaigns. My media life led me to deep South Texas in 2004 to co-found The Business Times of the Rio Grande Valley and then the Valley Business Report in 2009. This south Louisiana native is proud to call the Rio Grande Valley my home.

Covering All Bases


Are you a hybrid? Do you prefer your news online, in print or both? I am a hybrid, maybe because of my age, my profession or how busy I am – possibly a combination of all three. It seems like we are always on the go, from one meeting to the next, en-route via vehicle or in the air. At times we’re catching up on emails, texts and more from…

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The New Look of VBR is Here

VBR launches new website and e-Brief The all new Valley Business Report site launched July 7, and all we can say is you have to see what we have in store for our readers. You’ll want to visit daily, possibly multiple times daily, to see new stories of regional economic development news plus a whole lot more. And you will now find VBR all over social media, including LinkedIn,…

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