Down But Not Out


Down But Not Out

To say we are all in limbo, nervous and confused about the coming weeks, months and years is an understatement. Most of the world and especially our world, the RGV, is operating in survival mode as we await possible spreading or containment of COVID-19. It has created an abundance of uncertainty for every man, woman and yes, even most children. 

Normalcy was put on hiatus mid March and the future economic effects of this global outbreak is definitely in question. Our Q2-Q4 strategies of running our businesses and organizations have changed like at no other point in history. But to date, I have not heard of or communicated with one company that is ready to throw in the towel.

And why is that?

We all know we have mouths to feed and bills to pay. The American dream is still within us, and our pride, dignity and spirit are still intact. Our fire is burning. This unfathomable and brutal setback will not destroy us. We have jobs to do, and for many, that means doing whatever is necessary to keep our businesses afloat during this unthinkable pause of our routine, and for that matter, existence. 

Prior to mid March, the Rio Grande Valley, Texas and our beloved United States had plenty going in the right direction. On March 13 at the 14th Annual Real Estate Forum hosted by Edwards Abstract & Title Co., Dr. Ted Jones presented priceless information about where we (local, regional and national) are with employment, job growth and economic strength. “Yes, the elephant in the room is COVID-19. Since where it’s going is an unknown, I don’t want to speculate,” stated Dr. Jones.

Even a very knowledgeable, respected and reputable economist like Dr. Jones could not predict the coming weeks’ and beyond turmoil inflicted upon our nation and world. 

But we are nowhere near closing the door, giving up hope or saying we are finished. On the contrary, the RGV is even more united, pulling together, exercising out-of-the-box thinking and supporting local businesses. Desperate times call for supreme creativity, and that’s exactly what our united counties are doing to help one another. 

We must press forward, support local businesses and appreciate our neighbors. While we may not be able to give them a hug while respecting the safe distance practice, we can make purchases electronically, pick up orders at drive-thrus and curbside, and do what is feasible and helpful to feed our families and live for a stronger day. 

Friends, that day is coming. We are Valleyites. We are Texans. We are Americans!