Have Your Employees Quit Their JOB


Have Your Employees Quit Their JOB

JOBA few weeks ago, I walked into my high school alma mater to talk with member of the Jobs for America’s Graduates program. The JAG program is designed for young adults going through tough times in high school and seeing that college is not in their immediate plans. JAG teaches these students about life outside of high school without a college path. Courses are taught on budgeting, interviewing and other job skills while also encouraging and preparing for post-secondary education. 

Looking at the criteria this program looks for, I would have been the poster child in high school. I came from a poor but hard-working family with a mom that dedicated her life to raising four boys because of an absent father. I was playing ball in high school and never having to study. Then after quitting sports, I found out I actually had to study.

I had a son in high school and was told to drop out. I failed my senior year and had to return the next year for one science credit. Yes, I would have been the president of that club. 

My message to the listeners … JOB stands for “Just Over Broke.” While I admit it contradicted the title of the club, it is an important lesson.

You will never realize your potential as it raises every time you raise your skills.

Settling on a JOB means you are looking for the security of someone else paying your bills. You are now limited on their income. In order to make more money, you decide on another JOB that may pay more. Once you get tired of bouncing from JOB to JOB, you eventually tire of going nowhere. You then begin to invest in yourself through education, experiences and personal/professional advancement.

This is when you start looking for your career. 

My message to employers, stop offering a JOB and start offering a career. Don’t just say you can have a career, invest in a track of advancement that will place the ones who come in and work on your vision to a more fulfilling level. If you don’t have a path to advancement in your company, invest and teach them the skills that they need to go to the next level with someone else. You may lose them, but you will attract more who want that same path lesson.

Have your employees quit their JOB and work on their future.