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Lenny Saucier has been in the leadership and management rolls for 19 years. His teachings have reached 20 states, plus Canada and Saudi Arabia. Contact Lenny at

Have Your Employees Quit Their JOB


A few weeks ago, I walked into my high school alma mater to talk with member of the Jobs for America’s Graduates program. The JAG program is designed for young adults going through tough times in high school and seeing that college is not in their immediate plans. JAG teaches these students about life outside of high school without a college path. Courses are taught on budgeting, interviewing and other…

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Leading Through the Attention Span


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has sent shock waves of fear and uncertainty through our hearts, economies and social media feeds. While the outbreak is grave and tragic, it brings to light how freshness of information and abundance of communication lights the path for attention. Just a few weeks ago, social media news feeds and news outlets were filled with news on the outbreak, economic uncertainty and people succumbing in the…

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