Resiliency Survives


Resiliency Survives

Resiliency of a treeA tree, just like a business, comes to life starting out in a disadvantage. A tree, in its infancy and though its beginning stages, fights for air, water and sunlight with other trees that have started out much earlier. These older trees seem to have experience as the sole advantage over the new tree. Chances are the new tree will not make it in woods for long. It has no position to compete for the same resources as the older bigger trees.

A tree cannot uproot to another location where there is less competition. It must be resilient finding ways to survive amongst the competition.  It does this by spreading its branches to catch the areas where the bigger and more experienced trees are not.

While the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line, obstacles and opportunities will force the tree to rethink its strategy, taking a few unorthodox moves in order to find the niche. This may send their branches in all directions … even down if need be. The resilient tree can navigate under the canopy.

Through finding the spot where that canopy opens, the tree then can begin to thrive.

Most new businesses have the same unfortunate obstacles as they are developed into a field of more experienced companies that are hoarding the resources that are needed for survival. They plant their roots and aspire of being one of the successful ones.  

A business is created generally under two mindsets in a competitive market.

The deadliest is looking at a big successful business and think, “if I copy what they did, I can share the market.” You have seen this business open, have not distinction and die from lack of exposure.

The successful business in a competitive market looks at that successful business and says, “What are they not doing that I can capitalize on and thrive?” These are the ones who recognize the strengths of the successful companies and finds the areas they are not good at covering that allow them to gather their resources to grow. 

As the trunk of your business, your responsibility is to direct your branches that gather your recourses. Don’t be afraid of the time and direction you must take to survive. Realize that if you are resilient you will become the big tree that everyone must strategize against.