Preparing Our Homes and Businesses


Preparing Our Homes and Businesses

Hurricane_prepareWe all try to avoid a particular subject but it is a necessary conversation. In just a few weeks, the Atlantic hurricane season begins. June 1 through November 30 keeps us on our toes, especially through September.

Deep South Texas in recent years has seen its share of late spring through summer disastrous conditions due to excessive rainfall. We know well a sitting tropical system doesn’t need to be a hurricane to bring chaos to our lives. Of course, the winds of a hurricane adds a new level of problems. Stalled or very slow moving system seems to be have the Valley’s number in recent years.

Now is an excellent time do what is necessary rather than waiting until a tropical system parks itself over the Rio Grande Valley. May is optimal time for taking inventory of commercial and personal belongings, storing property photos on a Cloud, updating insurance policies and preparing an evacuation plan for weather-related disasters.

Obviously, flooding is our main concern. Our region is geographically disadvantaged being at or below sea level. We can’t change that, but what we can change is how we prepare for the unexpected. Make no mistake about it — Mother Nature is in charge. Trust someone who participates in high water rescues, the force of water and wind is no joke.

Within the next few weeks, please finalize a preparation plan for any tropical system. I challenge all of us to prepare this month for any level tropical development. Hurricane season begins June 1, but systems are certainly possible late May. Be ready. Stay RGV strong.

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