TSC Virtual Art Show Showcases Innovation


TSC Virtual Art Show Showcases Innovation

TSC Virtual Gallery piecesFor the first time ever, the Department of Fine Arts at Texas Southmost College is hosting a virtual art show to replace the program’s annual art show. It just comes to show that nothing, not even a pandemic, can stop the department from showcasing its students’ artwork.

TSC Art Instructor Robert Andes said he is thankful for the support the department has received with the TSC Fine Arts Show.

“Naturally our students were disappointed when they learned we wouldn’t be able to host our annual art show due to COVID-19,” said Andes. “But when they learned about this virtual show and having the opportunity to showcase their art, spirits were elevated and there was excitement. Plus, this gives TSC an innovative edge.”

Students from the Painting II class work on the art pieces on display all year. By show time, they each have a self-portrait and a series of three paintings that tell a story.

“Art is a passion for these students,” said Andes. “I’m proud of the work and time they put into their art and I’m so happy they got to showcase it after all.” 

The show (and sales) must go on

This year’s virtual TSC Fine Art Show highlights 20 pieces of student art. Most of the pieces are for sale between $50 and $200.

“We’ve already had students with offers on their pieces,” said Andes. “That’s a huge accomplishment and compliment on their work, especially because most of it had to be finished at home.”

For TSC Painting II student Bianca Reyes, this was an invaluable experience.

“If anything, this has shown me that I’m resilient. We’re all resilient and can overcome anything,” said the 19-year-old. “For the last part of the semester, I had to count on my own skills and that grew a confidence in me that I didn’t know I had.”   

She adds that remote learning and the virtual art show also brought great surprises.

“I’ve already sold two of my art pieces,” said Reyes. “I’m so excited, and it proves that hard work pays off.”

What will she do with the extra $300 in her pocket from the sale?

“I plan on purchasing more art supplies and honing my art skills,” she said. “I’m grateful to TSC for giving us this opportunity and supporting this effort.” 

Overall, Andes said the goal is to give students a real-world experience. The art show exposes the students to life after college and allows them to build a strong portfolio.

“Whether the show is at a physical location or virtual, it has positively impacted our students’ art skills and confidence as artists,” said Andes. “It’s good for them to be recognized and let others appreciate their work and what goes into it. One thing is for sure, they are leaving this program ready to face the art world.” 

Andes added that he considers TSC’s virtual Fine Arts Show a success. He said the exposure that the students and their art have received is impressive.

“I really hope that this is something we can continue, even if it supplements our annual show at the ITEC Center,” said Andes. “The exposure we have received through this virtual show is unlike any other event and our students deserve this type of exposure.” 

The virtual TSC Fine Art Show will run for three months.