Harlingen EDC Donates to TSTC Scholarships


Harlingen EDC Donates to TSTC Scholarships

Harlingen EDC donates $100,00 to the TSTC Foundation.0The Harlingen Economic Development Corp. recently donated $100,000 to the TSTC Foundation scholarship fund. The money will help TSTC students residing in Harlingen or HCISD who face hardships and need assistance.

“Our chancellor always says, ‘Sometimes our students are one flat tire away from not graduating,’ and there’s truth in that,” said TSTC Provost Cledia Hernandez. “These scholarship opportunities will not only change their current situation, but they will also change their family’s future and generations to come.”

Raudel Garza, CEO and manager of the Harlingen EDC, said the organization has money set aside to help students. This “goal-line assistance program” aids them in meeting their educational goals.

“We presented $100,000 to the TSTC Foundation to help students get past that goal line and push them to score and to succeed,” said Garza.    

Scholarships for education and life

The TSTC Foundation supports the critical needs of students. It also provides funds to enhance the college’s ability to provide new and emerging technical programs. These programs support the Texas workforce.

Scholarships from the TSTC Foundation ensure that obstacles will not get in the way of TSTC students reaching their overall potential. These scholarships not only cover basic educational needs such as tuition and books, but they also help students. This includes money for tools and equipment, food, gas to get school, child care and housing.

TSTC student Josephine Delgado recently faced homelessness. Donations like the one made by the Harlingen EDC mean the difference between dropping out and graduating.

“Thanks to TSTC and the emergency aid I received, as quickly as I lost my home, I found another,” said Delgado.

The scholarships and grants that helped Delgado avoid homelessness and set her up at campus housing came from the TSTC Foundation. Donor contributions are also life changing for students.

Hernandez said that it is partners like the Harlingen EDC that help TSTC reach its goals. They provide advanced technical training to placing more Texans in paying jobs.

“Harlingen EDC has been a constant supporter of TSTC,” said Hernandez. “The strong collaboration between our agencies has a tremendous impact on the economic growth in our region. We are honored that they continue to partner with us.”