IBC Bank Hosts Mentorship Presentation


IBC Bank Hosts Mentorship Presentation

Episcopal Day School President Natali Galvan, Kenmont President Valeria Torteya, Episcopal Day School President Grace Cowen, and IBC Bank-Brownsville President and CEO Al Villarreal

IBC Bank-Brownsville recently held a luncheon at its Main Bank for the bank presidents from the four Minitropolis programs in the Brownsville area. Invitations went to Hudsonville, Cowboyville, Kenmont and Episcopal Day School Mintropolis presidents. Here, they had the chance to network and engage in conversation regarding the importance of their roles.

In addition, IBC Bank-Brownsville President & CEO Al Villarreal introduced a mentorship program. It will allow students of Episcopal Day School, R.E. Del Castillo Elementary School, Huber R. Hudson Elementary and Kenmont Montessori School an opportunity to meet with bank officials to receive guidance and knowledge.

“The Minitropolis program has permitted us to truly impact children at a young age throughout Cameron County,” Villarreal said. “Being able to expand the program and allow these children to come to the bank and seek guidance on financial literacy or other services will bring the program to the next level.”

About Minitropolis

The goal of the Minitropolis program is to help school-aged children gain a better understanding of financial literacy concepts. They also learn the value of leadership and responsibility that will set them up for success as adults. The program functions as a mini city within a school. Here, students earn token money that they can save and spend at local businesses within their Minitropolis.