Warriors on the Move


Warriors on the Move

Training For Warriors promotes group solidarity and camaraderie in its workouts.
Training For Warriors promotes group solidarity and camaraderie in its workouts.

The black-and-yellow of Training For Warriors of Harlingen has taken its fitness and nutrition program to a larger and new location.

Bobby Muniz, a pharmacist and Harlingen school board member, owns and runs the program. Muniz has a passion for matching resistance training with the right kind of cardio exercises to improve the health and well-being of his clients. While training, he is also teaching them about nutrition. Muniz has moved Training For Warriors from its former downtown location to a larger facility at 723 N. 77 Sunshine Strip in Harlingen.

“We outgrew our old spot,’’ said Muniz, the owner of Muniz Rio Grande Pharmacy. He says his new location has 5,400 square feet compared to the 1,200 square feet of his first facility. “We have a larger capacity of movement and exercises, and of course, new students.”

Training For Warriors features group workouts and comradery among students in pursuing common goals. Students of TFW refer to themselves as being part of “a familia.'”

Bobby Muniz with a group of his students at the Training for Warriors facility in Harlingen.
Bobby Muniz with a group of his students at the TFW facility in Harlingen.

“We push each other,” Muniz said of students and coaches. “The group environment really helps us.”

Muniz says research and science are the bases for the TFW workout routine and program. This gets the best results in pairing with good nutrition. The program offers meal plans and recommendations of the best supplements to take to assist in the process of reaching and maintaining good health.

“What I got from being part of TFW and the coaches was personal attention, people who cared, and people who had the same wants as I did,” Toni Salas said. “Within a month, I started to see results and began feeling better about myself. I dropped weight, felt stronger and was extremely happy about life.”

A Harlingen Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting for TFW’s new location will be held on April 18. Muniz moved TFW into its present location in mid-February.

Ricardo D. Cavazos is a journalist and business executive who has over 30 years of experience as a reporter, editor and publisher and is currently managing allied health schools in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo. Working for Freedom Communications, Cavazos served as editor of The Monitor for eight years and was publisher of The Brownsville Herald for 14 years. He also served as publisher of the Valley Morning Star for one year and launched two Spanish-language publications - El Nuevo Heraldo and El Extra. He is an Edinburg native currrently living in Harlingen.