Covering All Bases


Covering All Bases

print_or_online_marketingAre you a hybrid? Do you prefer your news online, in print or both? I am a hybrid, maybe because of my age, my profession or how busy I am – possibly a combination of all three.

It seems like we are always on the go, from one meeting to the next, en-route via vehicle or in the air. At times we’re catching up on emails, texts and more from plush chairs in clients’ lobbies. We’re texting and emailing quick messages back and forth to co-workers, maybe scanning headlines of current events, even reading beginning-to-end of pertinent, industry related articles.

One thing we can’t deny is being super busy putting out fires, along with conducting normal business and keeping the family in check. Another inevitable truth is the accessibility we are now blessed with, or cursed with, depending on the circumstance and perspective. How in the world did we get things done before these technology gadgets were attached to our hand, pocket or hip? Many of us have more than one device on us a majority of the time. 

For these reasons and more, we at Valley Business Report felt like it was time to launch our new website July 7.

Not only is the new much more modern, interactive and updated with Rio Grande Valley pro-business news, we greatly expanded our services across LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook. 

Sure, the print publications are still available in the clean, presentable way you have known for almost eight years. Many prefer to receive news via print, so fear not, we will keep the presses busy for you to have copies in your office, lobbies and homes. We are thankful for those who choose to read VBR online and/or in print. 

Hybrids are everywhere, even here in Deep South Texas. Please reach out to us and let us know what we can do to better serve you, the RGV business community. Let us know your preferences regarding content and how you like to read it. The Valley Business Report team appreciates our readers and advertisers who allow us to keep publishing and delivering positive business news about our regional community, which in our opinion serves as a catalyst for continued economic development. 

We are one. We are the Rio Grande Valley.


My thirty years in the media world has primarily focused on marketing, advertising and writing. This industry is my passion. I have been blessed to serve customers with marketing consulting, advertising concepts, video production and promotion of all forms - broadcast, print and digital. My occupation is a fun job but not work. The opportunity to put clients and customers together awakens me early. Learning clients and their businesses enables me to create effective multimedia advertising campaigns. My media life led me to deep South Texas in 2004 to co-found The Business Times of the Rio Grande Valley and then the Valley Business Report in 2009. This south Louisiana native is proud to call the Rio Grande Valley my home.