McAllen Named Best in U.S. for Home-Based Business


McAllen Named Best in U.S. for Home-Based Business, a website which aims to help new business owners make informed decisions, says McAllen is the best city in the United States for starting a home-based business.

According to the site’s study, McAllen’s high ranking takes into account low home prices and a low effective media income tax rate.

Texas’s low cost of doing business in the state was an additional reason, which includes McAllen’s limited liability corporation filing fees. Texas’s higher internet download speeds was also a factor, as well as the average price of electricity.

“Small business is the backbone of any city’s economy and nowhere is that truer than here in McAllen,” said Mayor Jim Darling. “While traditional small business required a storefront and a sign letting customers know you were open, in today’s electronic commerce and remote work options, that isn’t necessary and that helps create more opportunities for entrepreneurs to open a home-based business.”

Steve Alhenius, president of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, echoes Darling about the support McAllen gives to small businesses.

“McAllen has created an environment that encourages small business and entrepreneurs to open their doors, whether that business is along the famed 10th Street, popular shopping centers or just down the hall from their bedroom and we are proud that they are all opening up in our community and we at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce are here to help them all,” said Alhenius.