TSTC to Host Virtual Job Fair


TSTC to Host Virtual Job Fair

virtual job fairTexas State Technical College hosts its Virtual Job Fair Oct. 29 for students and alumni. TSTC’s Director of Planning and Special Events Hannah Luce says that despite not having a physical location, the job fair will work much as it traditionally would have.

“Those attending will still be able to visit with attending employers and network just as if it were an in-person event,” she said. “One of the differences is the format. The job fair starts at 11 a.m., and each employer will be in their virtual booth every hour for 45 minutes.”

Being Proactive

Luce said that because of this year’s format, students must be selective about which prospective employers they decide to visit. She also suggests that students prepare with interview-related materials. They should also dress appropriately, just as they would if the event were in person.

“Students should have a resume prepared before the job fair and make sure to dress to impress,” she said. “There will be video capability at the Virtual Job Fair, so students and alumni should make sure they look professional.”

TSTC’s director of Talent Management Viviana Espinosa said that students should also make sure they test their login information prior.

“Students and alumni should make sure they can log in to hireTSTC,” she said. “They should make sure their profile is up to date, upload their resume, and register for employer sessions they are interested in.”

Ultimately the Virtual Job Fair aims to continue TSTC’s mission of helping students and alumni find well-paying jobs.

“Our purpose is to help our students and alumni find great-paying jobs in their chosen field,” Luce said. “It is very important that we continue to have a way to connect them to companies that are hiring in their fields.”

Espinosa added that despite being online, the dedication to making sure that students get hired is still the same.

“It is of utmost importance that we host the Virtual Job Fair and give our students the opportunity to connect with employers,” she said. “This is our first one, and we have over 100 employers from all over the state registered to participate. We are excited that our students will have the opportunity to access a wider network of employers.”